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Healthy living tips and tricks to help you be your best


My name is Patricia Leonello Ferro. I am a cooking conscious Momma who has learned how important food and lifestyle choices are to living and feeling your overall best. I have had various health issues most my life, including cancer; but, when my son Tony was diagnosed with MS in 2012, I decided to pour my heart into researching disease and symptom management strategies. He decided to control his symptoms through nutrition and we sought out functional doctors to help us dig deeper into addressing the root cause and not just masking the issue with medication. We both are not anti-medicine; we simply wanted to heal and give our bodies the ability to perform at it's optimum.  


I have always enjoyed cooking and after many requests to create a cookbook and a blog to share my story and what I have learned through this journey, a Mom's Story was born. Mom's Story Cookbook raises funds for Change MS and is a useful tool to help your family make the transition to clean eating and nutrient-dense meals. This blog is simply a home for all the tools I have learned and use to help me thrive, not just survive. No one understands more how intimidating creating new lifestyle and nutrition choices can be; but I am hopeful to encourage as many people as I can: if we can do it, you can do it. 

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