7 Years Later and Better Than Ever

Updated: May 8, 2020

I stumbled across a picture taken 7 years ago at Delaware Park. My family and I happened to go to Delaware park again last week and took the photo on the right- same spot in both pictures, but 7 years from the left vs the right. The left side was 7 years ago Mother’s Day ‘13.

Tony was officially diagnosed with MS a few weeks before. "Officially", meaning he had the spinal tap as the final stage in testing to diagnose MS. He had a series of other tests all pointing to an MS diagnosis. Maybe you can’t see the pain in our faces, but it was there. I didn’t want to go out that day due to the pain in my heart. That Mother's Day was tough and all I wanted to do was hide from the world, but my family insisted we get out of the house.

I somewhat crashed once we knew MS was his final diagnoses, and before those few months, I lost too much weight unintentionally: adrenals were shot, and I was consumed in worry. Tony was symptomatic in this pic... however, he was stoic which is typical for Tony. I was supposed to be his ROCK- like I always have been... I guess you can say we held each other up.

I felt like I could always fix my kids and move on, but THIS WAS DIFFERENT...no Mother wants to see their child’s health compromised! The picture on the right was taken a week ago on our own MS walk with the family... what you can see is Tony’s massive weight loss... his happy face... and his strength to carry on amongst other things... what you can see in me is I’m at a healthier weight and happier as well...MS can and will sneak up on an individual out of nowhere. We take it day by day now. Those first few years were difficult .. but day by day is better for us. Tony has always been the most positive person I will ever know; no matter what the situation he’s 100% positive! Me being his MAMA, worry always takes a toll, but for now, I will take the good times ...because in my head they will always be good times🧡⭐️🧡⭐️#MomStory#ChangeMSWellnessFoundation#IGotMyAssBackLOL. Thank you, Tony, for these pics and you being you❤️

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