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Mom's Story Cookbook Volume 1

Mom's Story Cookbook Volume 1

After many requests from family, friends, and clients, Patricia Ferro designed a cookbook  to encourage a healthy lifestyle with the help of friend and MS warrior, Joanne Schiffhauer and her son Tony Ferro.  Patricia decided to turn her pain into purpose after her son Tony was diagnosed with MS.  She has always loved being in the kitchen, but after Tony's diagnosis she decided to overhaul her ingredients to support a healthier lifestyle.


This cookbook was born to house many of the dishes Patricia has created for her family- full of nutrient-dense meals, compliant desserts, easy smoothies, and more! This cookbook has recipies from MS warriors and mentors, such as Dr. Terry Wahls and Paleo Boss Lady aka Diane V Capaldi and is a great resource to help you stay on course with your wellness goals. We recommend taking this to the grocery store! 


And what's even better? Your purchase allows us to help others! will use the proceeds to help fund their educational programs and support group! 

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